How to Keep Your Outdoor Spa Sydney Installation Immaculately Clean?

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If you have an outdoor spa Sydney installation at home, you’re a bit closer to a serious form of relaxation. But things become totally different if your pool spa water becomes over or under chlorinated. 

If the pool water smells far too much like the cleaning agents that you use to keep the water safe, it is not enticing also. There are many ways to keep your pool equipment water immaculately clean and pristine.

If you want to keep your haven of relaxation much like how it was the very first day that you got it installed in your home, consider the following checklist.

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How do you keep your swim spa water clean and not smelling like chlorine?

Pool spa water maintenance is not just about the hot tub’s physical parts alone. It always has been about the pool equipment water and how to keep it safe and clean. 

Optimal Levels

Many owners of pool spa equipment keep up with their pool water’s weekly testing routine. However, the main point of concern for most of them is sometimes they don’t know exactly the levels they are supposed to be. Or perhaps in what aspects of pool water maintenance they are a little lax about. 

For pool spas, the ideal levels are:

  • pH: 7.4 – 7.6, 
  • total alkalinity: 80 – 150 ppm
  • free chlorine: 2.0 to 4.0 ppm
  • total chlorine:: Below 5.0 ppm
  • calcium: 150 – 250 ppm
  • bromine: 3 – 5 ppm

If the above indicators are in their optimal levels, you are guaranteed to have no less than good smelling and clean-looking pool equipment water. Something is amiss if your water has a profound smell of chlorine. 

Clean Your Pool Equipment Filter System

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Contrary to what many pool spa owners think, cleaning your pool equipment filter system will not happen just by throwing in some chemical solutions to the water itself. You can’t expect to receive the correct response just by doing that alone.


Cleaning the filter system is all about ensuring that the mechanisms responsible for filtration are clean. Secondary to that, they should be safe to use. 

For this, you need to move your filter systems regularly. Rinse them once in a while. Soak them also for some time in a cleaning solution before you put them back into their designated slots in the pool spa equipment. 

Cleaning Schedule

You may not be in the habit of using your outdoor spa Sydney installation regularly, but even so, it works to your advantage if you have in place a system and a schedule to keep it squeaky clean. 

By coming up with manageable steps that you can integrate into your weekly routine, you are rendering the cleaning work for your pool spa much easier.  

How Frequent Should You Test Your Pool Equipment Water

The most ideal practice here is to test your pool equipment water first before using it. At the same time also, it is best that you see to it that necessary chemical agents are on hand, just in case you need to make any adjustments. 

When it comes to testing your pool equipment water, do it at least once a week. This is crucial because unforeseen water issues in your hot tub can bring to the surface serious repercussions like skin rashes or redness of the eyes.   

Wrapping Up!

Owners of home spas and hot tubs usually see their pool equipment installations as their weekend personal sanctum. But this may only be as good as it gets if you are doing it safely and hygienically. Keeping a close eye on your pool water chemistry is the key to optimizing the full potential of health-promoting benefits.