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Cat Diner

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I realize it's only a kitty (who's already litter-trained!) and a birdie (the best, most odor-free and maintenance-free pet on the planet), however in some way the house feels just a little more crowded.  In a great way.   Kind of.  I really understood the level of influence on my psyche hours after our new family members had arrived, when I was setting the table.  I unintentionally grabbed 7 plates as a substitute of 5.  No, we did not invite the animals to dinner, however its clear that these candy beings, though they gained't want ski trips and a college fund, will arrange shop in our hearts and on our To Do lists for the numerous years that they're with us.
My youngsters's reactions, up to now, have made all of it price it.  My two oldest have been shockingly responsible in conserving the cat out of the bird's room (we've got but to put in his ceiling hook), and retaining each the cat and him fed and with contemporary water.  Perhaps they're unimpressed with my caretaking skills, so that they have taken it upon themselves, but they've achieved more for their pets in a week than I did for mine between my 4th and 19th birthdays.  RIP, Luli!  And Tabby.  And Hannah, Jell-o, Eddie, Bump, and Fridge.

Bonding has also been a cinch.  My youngest child hurt herself doing something crazy (as standard) and instead of roaring the same old "I need my mommy," by means of a flood of tears, she screamed, "I need my CAT!"  That was almost value enduring every scoop of dirty kitty litter of the past, present, and future.  Later, my oldest told us at the dinner table, "I understand cat," and then went on to translate her meows into English.  I was impressed by her darling commitment to the delusion.  A natural-born mum, indeed!
Another bonus of our current impulse-adoption is that my husband finally has a son.  In actual fact, he insisted upon it.  Our chook is named Lance, and I pray he doesn't grow to be a woman, like the remainder of us are.  My husband finds tremendous solace in the truth that there may be another breathing male within the house.
The kitty is known as Kelcie.  That's the identify she got here with, but the girls liked it, and since, coincidentally, that's what they wished to call our youngest daughter, I determine they need to finally get to have their Kelcie.
The cat is now warming up to us, as is the chicken who chirped for the primary time after 5 days.  I guess I would like to search out out why the caged chicken really does sing since we've been profitable in not inspiring poor Lance up till a couple of hours ago.  Sadly, though, nature has waved its depraved wand over the Koenigin Kennel, and the fish, which we have been fish-sitting for my mother, went belly up near the underside of the bowl.  My husband acted quickly, and gave him a correct burial in our sewage system.  And to assume that I didn't even embody him as quantity eight in my faulty count of diners the other evening! Poor fish!  The worst part of all that is that my mom, the fish's mother, is reading about this from a cruise ship on the jewel-toned seas of Southeast Asia.  Sorry, Mom.  Does that make the fish my brother?  My dearly departed brother.
So we're down one heartbeat, however up two, which is an effective thing.  The girls are having enjoyable being pet mommies, and I'm just praying that Kelcie will spare my new carpeting, and that Lance will find some redeeming worth in us.  Pets are so important, actually, they usually have already made such a huge effect on my children.  Like my youngest retains saying with the unmistakable glow of toddler delight in her eyes, "There's a cat at MY home!"

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Cat Diner
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