Car Roof

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Delphi SkyFi Car roof magnetic Antenna with pink Plastic fakra 21 ft cable
XM Sirius Sportster 4 567 car Antenna 20ft magnetic roof High gain Antenna

Car Roof

Mr Bean - Driving on roof of car

Best Car Rental Options

Certain things need to be considered when choosing a car rental agency. Planning the trip in advance and doing a little research about the available agencies will also help you.

Do not be misled into thinking that an advance booking will give you discounted rates, normally this is not the case. Most car rentals have variable rates on their service depending on the time and season of the year. So at the time of your booking make sure you know which rates will apply when you pick up the car.

So before choosing a car rental it would be best to have an estimate of the amount that you are willing to spend on the rental, you should also know the places that you intend to visit. You should also know the exact dates of your trip and whether you can change them or not. Knowing all these things will help you when you are negotiating and choosing the type of car that you will use.

Online bookings are the simplest. Online bookings are convenient for the car rental agencies and they will offer you a discount for booking online. It is possible that you might require a car with extra features find out if these are available. Things like roof racks for luggage and sporting equipment, any navigation systems or storage facilities.

Most agencies have a daily rate that applies for a limited number of km and charge for any km’s that are exceeded. Some will offer cover charges for rentals that are up to a week and not consider the number of km’s traveled. Some will require you to pay for extra drivers whilst other just need you to have them written down only. If you have good negotiating skills you can get a better deal than the original one, just compare the different agencies. I would suggest that you consider any of the following for good deals:

  1. Car Hire Sandton Johannesburg
  2. Cheap Car Hire Johannesburg
  3. Car Rental South Africa

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