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Buying a Fly Fishing Rod

As fly fishing rods today are made of many different types of material, and come in varying degrees of stiffness and in various rod lengths, choosing a fly fishing rod today can get quite confusing for the novice. Buying the correct fly fishing rod in extremely important, as the fly rod is one of the more important pieces of fly fishing equipment that you will buy. The fly fishing rod that is the oldest is the bamboo fly fishing rod. A bamboo fly fishing rod may look aesthetically pleasing, but these bamboo rods are more expensive and heavier than the modern fly fishing rod.

1. Rod Materials

Fly fishing rod are manufactured using the following materials:

  • Fiberglass – Commonly used in the less expensive fly rods. Fiberglass rods are usually more durable than graphite, and are generally used by beginners. You can use these fly rods for most types of fishing.
  • Graphite – More expensive than fiberglass rods. Fly fishing rods made of graphite are lighter, which make them easier to cast more accurately. Graphite rods also have greater fighting power. These rods can be used by beginner and expert anglers.

2. Rod Action

Rod action is the amount of stiffness in the rod, and how much the rod will flex when you are casting or are fighting a fish. The action of a fly rod can categorized as:

  • Slow-Action – These rods have the most bend or flexibility. These rods are difficult for beginners to control, but are the most accurate for short-range casting. Fishing for lightweight fish is the main use of these rods.
  • Medium-Action -These rods bend in the middle of the rod and at the rod tip. These fly fishing rods are ideal rods for beginner anglers, and can be used for both long-range and short-range casting.
  • Fast-Action – Beginners find these rods difficult to handle. These rods are quite stiff, and can only flex near the tip of the rod. You can cast longer distances with these rods, and can also handle the bigger fish. The casting accuracy of these rods do not match those of the slow-action rods.

3. Rod Weight

The weight of the fly fishing rod you choose should match the weight of the fly line you intend using. Rod weight tells you what fly line weight the rod have been designed to most effectively use – rod weight is not the actual physical weight of the rod. Fly line weights are categorized 1 to 15, and you choose your fly line weight according to the fish you intend catching:

  • 1 to 3 Weight – Small trout and other small fish using small flies.
  • 4 weight – Small to medium sized trout and other similar sized fish with small to medium flies.
  • 5 or 6 Weight – Medium sized trout, small bass and other similar sized fish using small to large flies.
  • 7 or 8 Weight – Large trout and bass. You can use streamers and large flies.
  • 9 Weight and Above – Steelhead, salmon, and saltwater fish with saltwater flies.

4. Rod Length

The length of a fly rod determines the action of the rod. Shorter fly fishing rods have a slower action than longer fly rods, but they are better suited to fly fishing in tight confined spaces than longer fly fishing rods. Fly fishing rod length can be categorized as:

  • Short (less than 8 feet) – Use in tight fishing situations where bush, trees or stream size restrict your movement.
  • Medium (8 feet – 9 feet) – Recommended rod length for trout and bass fly fishing. These rods allow you to handle more weight and to cast further.
  • Long (longer than 9 feet) – Ideal choice for longer casting and fishing for big-game fish.

Take a look at the beginner fly fishing rod guide for more information about fly rods, and how to choose a fly fishing rod.


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