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Nagravision 3 Cracked Telephone Conversation

Dish Network informant taping a telephone conversation with hacker Trinity, with the goods on MAP57 and the hacking of Nagra 3. This telephone conversation might be what caught her and the informant was able to get her to cooperate with him and the authorities to sneer Jung Kwak.


The telephone conversation takes the listener into the once secret sanctuary known to just a very few and select people, the hackers and players that drive and fuel the satellite piracy websites, distributors of FTA receivers and offers millions of dollars to those brave or greedy enough to take the step into the dark realm of this illegal underworld.


She was returned to Canada, shortly thereafter she set up a meeting for Jung Kwak and the informant, which was when the federal authorities nailed Jung (Mr. Viewsat) Kwak.


Listen to where they admitted getting paid 250,000 dollars from Jung Kwak.
Hear where she helped incriminate others.
Hear the person on the other end of the conversation talking about using a microscope and getting pictures and their name was Fred. That was supposed to be Fred Raud who did that and who was very well known in the card end.

Names of others are mentioned, who were working behind the scenes for the satellite piracy cause.

And so much more damaging details to those who were involved in seeking a Nagravision 3 encryption  hack. The conversation runs for well over one hour.


This telephone conversation can be downloaded here:



Listen to the hackers and turncoats in their own words of what goes on in their dark realm.

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