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Remembering the Works of Diego Velasquez, one of Spain’s Master Painter

Painting is a form of expression and there are a variety of forms and styles; abstract painting and other aesthetic compositions may be used as a method for the painter’s emotions and intangible purpose and expression. Paintings can also have a narrative meaning and can be a symbolism or it may even be a used for political motivation.

There are numerous museums around the globe however Spain is a country that is known to have several museums that houses vast collection of rare and one of a kind paintings. Spain is proud of so many museums that have a great number of artwork that can be considered as national treasures in terms of beauty, technique, and historical impact; you can get a better grasp of this if you would learn more about the culture of the country. What you are supposed to do first in scheduling your travel abroad is to make sure you at least know how to say basic words in their native language; you can learn the Spanish language by searching for sites like Rocket Spanish where they give free basic cultural lessons as well free basic Spanish language lessons. Rocket Spanish lessons can help you learn the Spanish language as it employs various study methods for a very effective learning experience.

Moving forward, when one remembers a Spanish artist, one cannot help but remember that most of the well-known painters of Spain lived and flourished during the Golden Age. One Spanish painter that made a clear distinction of them all is Diego Velasquez; he became one of Spain’s highly influential and most respected painters during his time. He is also an influential man, being companions with King Philip IV and his chief minister as his pieces has beed respected by a lot of people as he showcase his talent, skills and style in every piece that he makes.

In June 5, 1599 in Seville, Diego Velasquez was born, coming from a family belonging to the middle class and being the first born of six children. During his early years he initiated education on the art of painting and when he reached age eleven, Master Painter Francisco Pacheco became his master and his progress was very fast and by time he reached eighteen years old he was already a master painter, certified by the painters’ guild and with it he can paint as a professional. He married Pacheco’s daughter and made a living by doing some paintings of religious themes and tavern worls and saved enough to buy a house for his family and another house to rent out.

Because of his talent in art and the pieces he produced, Diego Velasquez became well-known all throughout the country and even abroad and also became one of the country’s most influential personalities The Marques de Spinola himself was shocked at the magnificence of realism presented in the painting The Surrender of Breda; the amount of details that went into painting the expression on every face, the threads of the fabrics, the tint on the skin, and everything about the painting was just magnificent. However, Velasquez created a painting which is regarded greater and which is called Las Meninas or The Maids in Honour; it is the most viewed piece in the whole world and a lot of people visit Spain just to see the greatness and brilliance of the painting.

Diego Velasquez can really be distinguished as one of Spain’s national pride because of the increasing interest for the pieces that he created and the impact it made on painting as an art form.

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