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Sonicview Ihub

Everything That You Wanted to Know of Ihub

There are many who don’t have an inkling as to what an Ihub is or what are its functions. This article aims to take care of these issues.

The Ihub is a ‘dongle’ that plugs into the serial port on the back of your receiver, thereby allowing you to connect the receiver to the Internet. It retrieves some of the channels lost to Nag3 by connecting your receiver to a server that is hosting the particular channels. As of now, the Ihub is functional only for the Sonicview 360 Premier, Elite and Sonicview 8000. An Ihub made for the 1000, 1000pvr or 4000 continues to be elusive.

Right now, Ihub is able to get back some channels on BEV and some channels on DN, while still more channels are being added, including some adult channels on DN. In fact, at this current time, Ihub is the only way to get back channels on BEV, and DN Nag3.

The Ihub requires a constant Internet connection for it’s functioning, though its unknown if a dialup connection will work with the Ihub. A dedicated phone line is a must since it won’t work without a constant Internet connection. Also you will be required to connection share your dialup connection using your computer and for this, your computer has to be kept on at all time. What is of absolute importance is an uninterrupted Internet connection, regardless of the connection speed.

Also, in a scenario in which, say your receiver is in another room and you wish to get Internet connectivity without running a cable, there are several ways you can do this. And the simplest way you can achieve this is by buying Powerline Ethernet Adapters and connecting one at your router/modem and the other at your receiver. If you require more information on this, try Google search or, better still, get in touch with FTA KEYS. Again, if there’s a wireless network already setup in your house, then you can make use of a wireless network bridge to connect to that WIFI and then connect the Ihub to the bridge. Some old routers can also be modified with new firmware, which will enable it to be used as bridges. Again, you can Google search ‘dd-wrt’ for more information or visit FTA FILES where experts in this field are eager to help you out with your problems.

For a wired setup of the Ihub, there is no need of any special type of router since any of them can do so long as it is configured properly. Setting up the Ihub is much like setting up a new computer on your router. It will have its own IP address on your router and it will need constant Internet access for its smooth operation.

So this should provide you with a working knowledge of what an Ihub is. And if you wish to share anything else on this topic, FTA BLOG is where you can do that.

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