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Sonicview Dongle

Sonicview IHUB Setup : Sonicview I-HUB Setup Tutorial and setup Guide

What is Nagra 3?

Nagra 3 is a new encryption methodology that takes the form of hardware and software. The hardware aspect of it, is in the form of Smartcards that paid subscribers to Bell Expressview and Dishnetwork receive for their receivers and decodes the satellite television signal. The software aspect of it, maintains legitimate subscribers are only authorized to watch on television, what their satellite plan dictates.

Nagra 3 on FTA means a few things, one, you will no longer be able to receive satellite programming because of the new encryption that has taken place.

Many people wonder how secure the new system really is, and how it defers from the previous iterations of Nagra.

Nagra 3 is the strongest encryption ever, and has yet to be broken by satellite pirates. Currently the only way to view television on free to air, is to use Internet key sharing, or IKS. IKS take the form of FTA FILES

Nagra is short for Nagravision. A thrid party company contracted to do security for the satellite receivers.

If you have a free to air receiver such as a viewsat ultra or a Captain 8000 HD, you will only be able to pick up true free to air signals and programming.

We recommend if anyone wants to get free to air from the providers, that you invest in an IKS sstem like a dongle. Sonicview CNX Nfusion and others support this. Sonicview makes an IHUB which we recommend.

In closing, Nagra 3 is a secure system, and is the security software of choice of all the major north american satellite television providers. Many paying customers have received a smart card in the mail in the last eight months, if you have not received one, please contact your local dealer.

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