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Motor Quad

Magnet Motor Quad Design Invention

A quad bike buyers guide

On reading the words 'quad bike', you may well wonder what a quad bike actually is. A quad bike is essentially a motorbike with four wheels rather than two. The quad bike or ATV came to prominence in the 1970's and has been in great demand ever since.


Why quad bikes?


Quad biking typically takes place off road on dirt tracks. Recently however, the road legal quad bike has appeared on the market, opening up many more possibilities for quad bike enthusiasts. The road legal quad is simply a quad bike that conforms to all safety regulations that allow it to be driven on public roads. Road legal quad bikes are great fun and cheap to run, with a tank of petrol costing a fraction of what a full tank in a car would cost. They can reach speeds that match those of a motor bike, with fast acceleration and accurate handling. Their small size makes travel through tight spaces easy and convenient. Some quads can carry two passengers and insurance costs are usually low compared with cars, depending on the driver's age, making them a perfect short distance travel option.


Buying your quad bike


In order to drive a road legal quad bike on UK roads, you must have a full UK car license or motorcycle license, but require no prior quad bike experience. It is important that you choose your quad bike carefully, as it can cost as much as £500 to convert a non road legal quad into a road legal quad, as well as being a time consuming endeavour. However, be sure not to simply go for the cheapest available option, as a cheap quad isn't necessarily a safe quad, especially when importing from overseas.


Quad bikes come in 4WD or 2WD options, with some having switchable systems to save on tyre wear. There's also transmission to consider, with manual and automatic available in 5 speed or 2 and 3 speed form. You may also want to consider the type of brakes on your quad bike, with drum and disc brakes available.


When considering your quad bike, it is important to consider many options, as you will need to be sure of your purchase if you are going to be using it each day. Travelling around town or off road, quad bikes are great fun at any time of year. The great thing about quad bikes is that they can be used in all weathers, crossing rugged terrain in snow, rain and muddy conditions. The additional benefit of having four wheels, therefore being more secure and stable than a motorcycle, also cannot be overlooked.




While having fun is important, it is also extremely important to ensure that you ensure safety when using your quad bike. Protective gear such as a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, goggles and sturdy footwear is important to remember and should be worn at all times when travelling on a quad bike. It is also important to be aware that your quad bike is on a lower level than the cars around you, with less protection than cars.


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Motor Quad

Frequently Asked Questions...

does anyone have any goods or bads advice on the 2000 sunfire gt quad 4 motor ? Thinking of buying one?

Im looking at buying a 2000 sunfire gt. Its in good shape as of now.... are there any hidden problems specific to the 2.4 motor I need to know about??


RUN RUN RUN do not walk away from buying a Sunfire with a Quad 4. You will spend more on repairs than the car is worth. My daughter just went through this with a Sunfire/Quad 4. I should have known better but the car was cheap and we bought it. BAD mistake. By all the saneness in the world - do not buy that car.

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