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Ihub Internet

Interview with Will Mworia of Afrinnovator.com at iHub in Kenya - YoungWorldInventors.com

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Frequently Asked Questions...

hi,well sonicview IHub?Install TV?

Hi,(sv Premiere)
i just bought it,i am used to the SV1000,4000,
but this one has internet,
so basically i need the SV i hub file.

which file is it,because when i put it on mines S/w Update,
there is no IP CONFIG menu.
so i think i might not have the right file,because the lights turn on on the hub,

so please help,
SO if you know a exact place where i can get the file please attach a link,



Nobody can say where here, nor help you steal TV, which is your apparent intent.
Guidelines forbid discussion on stealing TV, which is the only purpose of the iHub.

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