Football Tailgating

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Football Tailgating

North Carolina vs. East Carolina football tailgate

Football Food For Your Tailgate Party

Planning football food for your tailgate party can mean bringing your tailgate recipes with you, or creating them at home. If you choose to bring food, I've got the secrets to keeping your football food hot until the game starts.

My first secret to successful tailgate food is to always bring two coolers to my tailgate party. One is a cold cooler to keep my ingredients for on-site cooking below the temperature danger zone of 40f – 140f (6c – 60c). This way, when I choose to make a saute of shrimp scampi tomorrow, all my ingredients will be fresh and safe.

The second cooler I bring is the hot cooler. The hot cooler is filled with the football food items that I've made at home, but am bringing to the tailgate party. Again, the challenge is to keep these hot items ABOVE the same temperature danger zone mentioned above. How do you keep items in a hot cooler as hot as possible? You can't have an open flame or charcoal in a plastic cooler.

I'm going to share my #1 caterer's secret for keeping food hot on-the-go with you, and it involves something that you look at every day. This household item will put out heat for hours if you prepare it correctly. Today's video will explain.

Throw a tailgate party before your favorite game and you have two choices: prepare food at the game, or bring it with you. If you decide to prepare your football food before the game, you'll want to assure the tailgate food stays safe and hot until game time. If you choose to cook at the game, tomorrow's video will give you a new idea for football food at your tailgate party.

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