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The Dreambox Which Supports SatcoDX and Has an 3*5cm LCD screen--- DM7000

DM7000 is similar with other Dreambox receivers when it is shut down. However, when you turn it on, you will find the 5cm*3cm blue LCD screen on the right of the front board begins shining. The LCD screen can show the channel which is being received and all other data about it. The LCD screen can also show the menu.   There are three buttons on the machine. You can use them to choose the channel and turn the receiver to the sleeping model. If you open the board on the left of the machine, you will be interested in the settings of the machine. There is one DVB standard CI slot and two smartcard reader slots; all these slots are work under the DreamCrypt auto coding system. If you have a digital camera, you can find that there is also a digital camera memory card reader slot. This hardware can make users' viewing photos on TV possible and can store the photos onto the hard disk. The shops where you buy DM7000 can help you add a 200GB IDE hard disk to the receiver. And the producer---Dream Multimedia Company, also released a package, which has an IDE port, a hard disk power supply and some tools. This package costs 20 dollars and if you don't mind the trouble, you can add a hard disk to DM7000 by yourself.   There are two 100 Mbps internet port and some USB ports at the back of DM7000. The internet ports tell us that the machine can connect with internet. You can also attach other terminals such as keyboard, mouse and webcam to DM7000. A mini DIN port and used to connect infrared ray equipments and I2C controller. The machine also has an AC-3/DTS port which makes it possible to connect stereo speakers supporting Dolby Pro Logic. 2 Scart ports are used to upgrade the software. SatcoDX protocol is also supported in advanced edition of operating system. This means that you can load the SatcoDX transmitter's information and thus you can free of the trouble of typing in the channel of transmitter by hand.   The remote controller is designed to be very dexterous. You can control the receiver, hard disk and TV with the 29 buttons on the remote and if you have no idea about how to operate, you can just push the help button. The helping system will give you an answer to your question.

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