Sonicview Ihub

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Sonicview SV HD8000 Hardly used EXCELLENT CONDITION w Remote SV 8000HD IHub
ihub for sonicview360
Used Sonicview 8000 HD TV Receiver with HIDEF Module IHUB Fan
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Sonicview Ihub

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How To Set up the Sonicview IHub?

I just bought one and don't know how to set it up. Please help.


How To Set up SV IHub

1. Load bin ( over current file if not virgin receiver)

2. Plug dongle

3. U will see prompt that dongle connecting (can take up to 30 secs)

4. Click menu-installation-ipconfig

5. Setting type DHCP


7. Domain name www.

8. Server port 1920

9. Serial number put in correct serial number , to avoid problems.

10. Go to apply and click OK (don’t exit or it wont save you must click apply)

That’s it watch tv

If your screen turns to black and white press yellow button , then up arrow , then left ....this should turn the color back on check your guide and menu if the guide is black repeat to return to NTSF and this should return all color.

Look at bottom of screen for how to input the letters.

How do I enter the serial number for iHub?

The serial number for the iHub as well as many electronic devices is in hexidecimal. Hexidecimal (commonly referred to simply as "Hex") only has 16 characters. They are the digits 0 through 9 and the letters A through F. If you look at the serial number for your iHub you will notice the letters are small lower case letters and may be hard to read. For instance the letter "e" may look like a letter "o" with a slash through the middle but trust me it is an "e". When you go to the setup screen for entering the serial number look at the bottom of your screen and you will see a key for which remote buttons to use for the letters. Now just simply enter them and save and you are done.

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