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Sonicview 360 elite settings?

I can scan and receive all paid for channels including international but not the basic ones and local...channels like CNN, USA, etc. What am I missing? When I put the Dish receiver back in I get all.


Try asking over at, it could be a number of reasons.

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Sonicview SV 360 Elite TV Receiver
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Sonicview Elite

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Nagra 3 File Report

Hello everyone.

Currently the FTA receivers that mostly have N3 figured out and working to a big extent is the Nfusion Nuvenio HD, Nfusion Solaris, Nfusion Phoenix, Nfusion Nova. Other receivers include the Neosat IPRO 2000, K-BOX, I-LINK and offically anounced on our blog yesterday is the new SONICVIEW N3 Fix!!

The Sonicview I-HUB will offically be on sale May 8 2009, but most dealer will not get ahold of them to later. We at GoodFTA are currently working on a deal with Sonicview to provide discounts to our members, so you can buy the new IHUB directly through Sonicview. The Sonicview FTA receivers supported so far is the Sonicview 8000 HD, Sonicview 360 ELITE and Sonicview 360 Premier. Currently, Sonicview has not anounced officall support for its older models, but this is subject to change. The iHUB will be sold for $99.99.

Other FTA companies have also mentioned that they are also working on the nagra 3 fix. (see rumors below)

Right now, the soluation to Nagra 3 at the moment on all of the receivers that get it are via IKS. This means you must have your FTA receiver plugged into the internet 24/7 in order to get all of the AUTOROLL UPDATES. You will still need FTA FILES to load even with IKS. Every month they relesae new bins and updates that you need to load and are not for the most part updated automatically.

We suggest that our members invest in a Router, or a Wireless Router. Most people already have these when you signed up for internet access and were provided with a unit from the company with whom you lease access from.

Most Internet Adapters for your FTA Receiver function wirelessly if you purchase a peace of equipment called "Wireless Netgear" This makes it, so you dont physically need ETHERNET cable in order to plug your router into your FTA Receiver.

GoodFTA will continue to pave the way in providing fast FTA Files and informing you guys exactly what is going on every step of the way.

Now for the rumors:

Rumor 1) Mostly confirmed from legal court documents: It is rumored that Allison has made a N3 fix but was arested. In geting arrested the big trial thats been going on for the last year needed all the evidence they needed to implicate 2 or 3 major FTA Receiver companies with certain FTA Sites such as F2ATV, HASHHU, and various other home release sites for FTA. These sites may pop up again, but are run by the FEDS.

This is the advantage of a Paid Site like GoodFTA. We fly under the radar, and never draw a huge attention to ourselves, this way, our forum will continue to provide FTA FILES, GUIDES, TUTORIALS, and now new VIDEO TuTORIALS as well as paving the way for N3 files, and information. We will be around for YEARS to COME!

Rumor 2) Viewsat and Pansat has anounced their own FTA FILES for N3, but have not anounced details yet, rumor has it, only the newer models to support USB will be Nagra 3 compatible. Coolsat has also mentioned the same thing.

other rumors are conflicting and not worth it to go into details

The Future of FTA

Every few years expect to buy a new FTA Receiver. The Free to Air hacking community is worth it in the long term. To get all of the channels say on Charlie (110 and 119) that you get for free with FTA would run you around 200.00 + a month including all movies, Pay Per Views, UFC, Wrestling and more! (closer to 400.00) Buying a new 200.00 receiver every few years is a worthwhile investment, and should not be approached with trepadation or the spirit of malice or averice. FTA is first and foremost a hobby for most people. You cant expect to buy one pieace of equipment and expect free everything TV for life.

Every 2 or 3 years the FTA industry changes its encryption, phasing out older receivers and replaceing them with newer receivers with better CPU, more RAM, features such as MULTI-USB and more. The same thing happened with Nagra 1, Nagra 2 and now Nagra 3.

You will probibly be expected to purchase a new receiver if you have one more then 1 or 2 years old, or if you have a newer receiver you might have to buy an extra piece of equipment (usually costing under 100.00 such as the IHUB, KHUB and other Dongles)

It is still unsure wether a full BIN file as we know it know will continue in the future. All rumors are all pointing to yes, bin files will always be relevant, and it has been confirmed that a full Nagra 3 fix has been made, BUT the coder was arrested.

Don't fall for Nagra 3 Scams on other sites, anything they have, we have. No other site really on the internet has the extensive library of working tutorials or covers the amount of FTA receivers that we cover. We also have bar none the best FTA BLOG on the internet.

About the Author

We run the largest FTA FORUM on the internet, if you need the latest FTA FILES and the newest a href="">FTA FORUM visit us today!

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