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Old Marketing vs Online Marketing and SEO, Is Your Washington DC Business Striving on the Web?

Statistics Proves Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt as to What the Favorite Method Is!

The business world is enchanted by the powers and the prospects the World Wide Web offers. Online marketing through the internet has grown into the best tactic of sprouting patron awareness of their products and services of a distinguishable amount for companies the world over. Old communications marketing done through TV, cinema and magazine vehicles has received a back seat to online marketing. However, there are a few skeptics who don't see the clout the internet holds for online marketing and a debate rages over the question of which is preferable and which mode offers quicker and more efficient payoff. My education, comprehension and participation as an expert involved in online marketing techniques for quite a significant number of years allows me to predicate the superiority of online marketing over Old media marketing. I will show some measurements to validate my position for online marketing, not as a proof of my education and business intellect but to present an unbiased assessment for the sake of the readers.

- According to one novel survey done by a favored and honored research organization, about 84% of the US population use computers and have internet access. About 40% of the world community has internet access. These numbers are expected to increase in numbers very quickly. This verifies the momentum and capacity of online marketing.

- The internet is the desired medium at work and the preferred at home to the majority of the US community also. (Google Statistics) Nothing can illuminate better the imaginable magnitude of online marketing.

- The everyday consumer is more cognizant than ever before. He or she is strongly aware about products and services that they plot to purchase. The average consumer does not wait for the marketing companies to reach out to them and instead go after their choices based on information sourced from the internet. ( Wikipedia )

- 11 research firms predicted that online ad spending will develop at the rate of 12 to 20 percent in the year 2009 (eMarketer).

- A study done in May 2008 divulged that 72% of marketers said their online marketing allocations will increase or remain the same even during recession (Forrester Research).

- Online marketing is one of the "recession-proof corners" (New York Times).

They are cost, proof of reach and conversion rate.

Given that all businesses are in business to make more money, the price involved in forging/implementing traditional television and print media marketing campaigns is not a smart method at all in terms of ROI when related to the advantages of creating online marketing strategies. To initiate an online marketing program, one step someone has to do is develop a website with information that is filled with keywords that draw prospective consumer visits to your web site at a much less expensive cost than purchasing invaluable traditional media campaigns. It is the job of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) /online marketing /Lead Generation/ Web design businesses to impart your web site with all of the things needed to attract more visitors to it. If you already have a web site and you still do not find the necessary amount of potential consumers visiting your website, a professional SEO/Online marketing/Lead Generation company will do an evaluation to your site to counsel any corrections needed.

A second element is the factual scope of marketing campaigns. In classic media marketing, a business owner will not have any idea of how many possible consumers he or she is actually reaching. For example, if there is about 40,000 readers of a given magazine or newspaper, how will anybody track what proportion of the actual readers have recognized your marketing promotion? The truth is that there is no way of knowing those statistics. In internet marketing, impressive web analytics code initiated within the website keep track of the visitors to your web site that enables you to calculate exact conversion numbers and make suitable corrections in the content on your site or strategy in your marketing to boost sales. You will know exactly where the problem lies and where to target your tweeks.

The main differences between old media marketing and internet marketing is the methods in which consumers make a choice to purchase. In the former, a campaign is interrupting a broad audience, trying to find potential customers while in online marketing it is the consumer who is coming to you, already looking to purchase. He or she has already chosen what he or she is looking for and thus makes it much easier to convert these visitors into a sale.

In this always changing industry, it is severely to find a company utilizing a solid foundation of the latest procedures in the online Marketing and Lead Generation arena. There are many SEO "experts" out there who's only knowledge of an internet marketing campaign is as a hobby, and they then in turn attempt to assemble this hobby into a "businesses". It is vital to find a team of marketers that are institutionally educated in these techniques and can convey them to your business and help you destroy your competition. They may cost a bit more money, but at the end they contribute much more value than other SEO companies with much less headache. In this global economy, this is war. One company in mind is a company called The Dominant Approach the most advanced Northern Virginia SEO Services company, handling clients worldwide. They are bringing the most cutting edge techniques I've seen into this business and can help you to completely overcome your competition. Their knowledge and expertise helps your business in constituting the needed differences to your website and to your online presence as a whole to aid in generating more traffic, more leads, and thereby more sales.

Internet marketing is still a growing industry even during these difficult economic times.

About the Author

Internet Marketing and Online Marketing Expert. Located in the DC area and evaluating the current state of Northern Virginia SEO Service companies compared to the state of the industry worldwide as a whole.

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