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Online Marketing – A Preferred Choice Today

Marketing encompasses a spectrum of activities which begins from segmenting the customers, deciding upon the target audience, positioning the product in the consumers mind up to the point of actual sale. Though the role of traditional marketing cannot be undermined, the advent of World Wide Web has opened new avenues for marketing. Online marketing channels have augmented traditional marketing modes by facilitating a 24*7 communication with both its current as well as prospective customers.


Why Better?

Three major factors namely cost, proof of reach and conversion rate has made online marketing a preferred choice over the traditional one.

  •  Online marketing offers greater flexibility to make alterations in one's advertising strategy depending on the result of overall marketing efforts. Digital catalogs can be updated in very less time depending on the product availability and market conditions.
  •  Online analytics can be employed to measure the effectiveness of marketing endeavour in real-time basis
  •  Online marketing efforts are targeted through a SINGLE UNIFIED MEDIA (internet) with different avenues such as blogs, email, audio, video, social media etc. making it easier and cheaper. Though traditional marketing does articulate through these channels as well, several media outlets are used for different bases.
  •  ROI in case of online marketing strategies are more, given the low cost involved (SEO, e-mail marketing, Social marketing through social networking sites etc)
  •  Online marketing has a global reach; Entire WORLD is your audience. Marketers can reach out to their customers negating geographic boundaries in no time!!


Synergy of Techniques

One of the interesting phenomena today is the synergy of techniques employed in online marketing. The various techniques such as mobile (QR, text, applications), online (websites, videos, stores), direct (email, mail, phone, face to face), or social (news, networking, webinar) etc can be combined in varying proportion to reach out to a bigger audience as compared to traditional marketer's reach . Results can be gained from using multiple approaches with customization and variables set as specific as a person within a segment versus mass techniques. Sure, it is all about who your want to reach and how they want to be reached.


Transition in Process

 As per the recent report by Reportlinker, the US$55bn online advertising industry is growing at a CAGR 11.4% between 2007-12, and will further flourish in the developed world, with mobile advertising will gain maximum traction in the emerging markets of Asia, especially India and China. The key driver of this growth will be the high rates
of mobile penetration in the region. Google's Android platform will further spur growth in the $2bn mobile advertising industry (which is currently just a fraction of the
size of the online advertising market).

 Africa, Google Africa, the (government backed) ICT board, Strathmore University, the iHub and various institutions and IT firms are trying to increase awareness about the potential advantage of Internet advertising for businesses through events and seminars.

 As per a survey by Global Monitor report, though Africa had only 2.6 percent penetration on Facebook, but grew by 5.6 percent in February 2010. As of March 1st, it had about 9.9 million users on Facebook, out of a total population of 375 million which clearly shows that a transition is in place though slowly but steadily, even in Africa. The need to enhance focus towards enhancing internet usage in Africa was recently emphasized by Google Kenya Business Development Manager, Isis Nyongó in the Pan African Media Conference in 2010. Ms Nyongó said that Google aims at enhancing internet usage by providing products tailored for the African market and translating data into several African languages like Swahili, Zulu and Afrikaans

 Social networking sites are getting popular among all age groups, another reason for online marketers to expand their reach with changing demographics of target audience. As per the State of Retailing Online (SORO) 2010 survey conducted by Forrester research along with Shop.org, this is a great time to pursue social marketing strategies!


All this, along with an increased investment in mobile commerce strategies and viral marketing would further boost the growth of online media as a favorable marketing medium as compared to traditional marketing!

About the Author

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Ihub Internet
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