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What are My Chances for Vanderbilt?

I am a Freshman in high school, and I was wondering what my chances are in being accepted to Vanderbilt. Am I on the right track to being accepted? My career focus is Medical Science/Psychology and Social Sciences. If I'm not, please recommend other colleges. (Sorry that its so long)

GPA: 4.63 (weighted) 4.27 (unweighted)
All AP Classes

National Honor Society, Spanish Honorary, Honors Club, BETA, FTA, and many more.

I'm on the basketball, track, and cross country team.

I complete 20 hours of community service each month.

My highest grades are in English (100), Science (99) and History (98) My lowest is a 92 in Algebra/Geometry.

Thanks and please answer!
Answer to "27"

My school has a GPA calculating system that I used. Also, its Advanced Placement system is different than most schools. (private)


Here's what I would suggest based on what I've learned from the college admission process, sorry if it's a bit harsh at times, but there's no point in sugar coating, especially with application numbers surging and acceptance rates decreasing in recent years.

First, I'm guessing "AP" refers to an Advanced level of classes within your school and not the national Advanced Placement program classes, since I can't imagine any school, private or otherwise, letting a freshman take all AP classes. In any case, make sure you keep taking the highest level of classes your school offers until the AP classes become available, then you'll have to see what AP classes your school offers that match your areas of interest (if your school doesn't offer AP Psychology, then Biology, Chemistry etc. would be good choices for a medical/science interest).

You should aim not only to just have a high GPA, but also be highly ranked within your class (ranked meaning "within the top 10%" etc. if your school doesn't give individual class rank). This is important because a 4.0 GPA doesn't carry the same prestige if many people in your class also have high GPAs, because although this could mean you're part of a very talented class, it could also mean to admission boards that the classes were perhaps a bit too easy.

While it's great you're so involved in activities, you'll have to make sure you can devote yourself fully to each one. It's not always enough to just be in a club or on a team, especially when applying to competitive schools: the most selective schools want to see leadership, innovation, and impact from you in your activities. You might want to consider being more selective with your activities: stick with the club whose issues you care most about and for which you will be willing and able to go the extra mile for, and pick the sports team(s) which you believe you excel in and could someday be able to become captain of. Win awards, get your name in the paper, do whatever it takes to show that you were a significant part of your activities and not just another name on the attendance sheet. Quality over quantity; if you don't believe me you should check Vanderbilt's own website.

Finally, your SAT scores will be important. They aren't the end-all-be-all, but they do provide colleges with an idea of how you compare to students throughout the country and not just within your school. There's no magic minimum score you need to get, nor do you need a 2400. Look at the mean range of scores for all the schools you will apply to: if you're within that range, feel good about your scores and move on.
And just to get those ranges in your mind, here are the middle 50% ranges of scores from the freshman class at Vanderbilt this year:
SAT CR 650–740
SAT M 680–760
SAT W 630–720
Also plan to take SAT II subject tests, as many competitive schools require them.

You've still got a long way to go until you'll be applying to schools, but it's good to be thinking and planning. As for Vanderbilt specifically, if you want to set your heart on a school this early, then you should learn everything you can about the school.
If you live nearby, visit.
Talk to people.
Take the time to learn things about the school that aren't found on its website.
Make your admission essay(s) special to show your interest in the school and why you belong there.
Make sure they know you've researched the school thoroughly and **aren't just picking it for the name!**
Who knows, maybe once you look into it some more you'll find you don't want to go there after all. You should do the same for all the schools you want to apply to.

Hopefully this helps a bit, sorry for the length.

Good luck and keep up the hard work.

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