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CaptiveWorks 800 Remote Control for Captive Works CW 800s FTA Receiver CW800 700

Fta Captive

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Frequently Asked Questions...

CW 800s: Watch channels from 3 diff SATs without constantly switching diseqc (lnb) & freq in antenae settings?

Hi. I have a Captive Works 800s and a dish with 3 LNBs (each pointed at a different bird). I scoured the net and figured out which FTA channels come in on which bird, at which freq and using which tranponder. I then manually added all the transponders to one of the SATs pre-programmed in the CW800s. Then, I went to antennae settings, set the diseqc and freq settings corresponding to bird #1 and did a auto scan. Saved settings. Went back to antennae settings, changed the diseqc and freq settings so that they correspond to bird #2 and did a auto scan. Saved settings. Repeated this step once more for bird #3.

Now, all channels I want to watch work. But every time I go to a FTA channel that's served by a diff bird, I have to go back to antennae settings and change the freq and diseqc settings to those that correspond to that bird. Pain in the neck.

Please help me. Thank you.


Get three more screens and two more Captive Works receivers. Connect two receivers to two TVs and do not flip the bird.

The third screen is for HQ porn. Holler if you need some.

Were you really expecting a serious answer?

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