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Gefen EXT PS5 8R Complete Package New with 2 Year Warranty
Teac 51 DTS AG D9620 Receiver complete full functioning 30 day warranty

Complete Warranty

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Appliance World and Home Theater stores Have The Full Range Of Equipment

A Colorado owned retailer that has five stores in the Denver area, Appliance World and Home Theater stores have been in business for the past year and are known to be very unique. They have concept stores in Arvada, Aurora, as well as in FlatIron Crossing that are large and as much as three to five times the size of an average appliance outlet.

Big Area Displaying Complete Range Of Home Theater Equipment

You can be sure that each of these Appliance World and Home Theater stores has a big home theater area that display the complete range of home theater equipment including flat-panel LCD as well as Plasma HDTVs, projection TVs as well as other home theater components. You will also find the leading brands in home theater equipment including LG, Panasonic, JVC, Yamaha and much more.

Good Deals With Price Guarantees

Appliance World and Home Theater stores are also well known for, besides their huge selection, offering customers really good deals that can affect much savings. You will be guaranteed prices much better than other advertised sale prices. Shopping at Appliance World and Home Theater stores means that you always get the latest models, boxed stock as well as special order appliances at rock bottom prices.

Appliance World and Home Theater stores also has a thirty day price guarantee, which means that they will meet or even beat competitive verified prices on exact models for a period not exceeding thirty days from the date you purchased your item from Appliance World and Home Theater stores. Another notable feature of Appliance World and Home Theater stores is that besides their huge variety of boxed stock models as well as special order appliances, there are many ‘out of box’ appliances also available that are brand new and come with manufacturer warranty.

Outstanding Service

You will also get outstanding service from Appliance World and Home Theater stores. Customer service is a top priority for which there are experienced appliance sales staff that can help you with your home theater purchase. The staff has years of industry experience and thus can even help you with the most complicated remodel needs.

Appliance World and Home Theater stores also is planning to expand its operations by adding as many as five new stores in the coming three years and you can expect to find outlets in Colorado Springs as well as Parkmeadows in the not too distant future.

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How do I crash my hard drive?

I had to re-image my computer recently but now I don't have microsoft office and alot of other software because I purchased them preloaded on my computer.

The company said they can only send me this data preloaded onto a new hard drive, but they won't send me a new hard drive because my current one works fine.

BUT I have a complete coverage warranty, if my hard drives breaks, a new one gets sent for free.

How do I crash my hard drive? It has to look accidental.


Go to your fuse box in your garage, find the switch for the room your computer is in, flip the switch on and off for a while...

Then go back to the room your computer is in. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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